Meet The Maker

Thank you for stopping by The Mouse Boutique, my name is Sujey (pronounced Su-hey) and I'm the face behind TMB!
The Mouse Boutique officially opened it's online doors via Etsy on August 1, 2016, eventually leading to our website in 2017, and have been blessed with an out pour of love and support ever since. Our story all began when my best friend, Ali, was getting married and made custom princess ears for the entire bridal party. This sparked a DIY project idea for me to do ears for my sister, nieces, and nephew on our first family trip to Disney World in the Summer of 2016. I've always been artsy and creative so this was a perfect project. Once I saw how much I enjoyed creating ears (and that I was actually pretty good at it), it turned into a hobby, then a passion, and eventually a successful small business.
My shop was born at our home office in Miami, FL but as of August 2018 (on our 2-year shop anniversary) we were blessed enough to have had the opportunity to move near Disneyland and are now located in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from myself, I have my very own Prince Charming, Chris, and our little sidekick, Louie. Chris is the motivational push behind my ideas, my reassurance when needed, and also assists with shipping, deliveries, and errands! Louie, our little Maltese and my baby, likes to make me take breaks from working on orders to give him all my attention (which I LOVE doing). I'm so grateful for each and every mousie who has supported my journey, thank you for allowing me to do what I love!
With Love,