Community Outreach

TMB has had the honor of standing behind a number of important causes during its tenure that are very near and dear to us, read below to see how we've given back to the community:


Make a Wish Foundation:

Deanna is a 3 year old transplant recipient who was born with Biliary Atresia, a condition of the liver and bile ducts. Her donor and hero was able to save her life when she was just 7 months old. She recently celebrated her 3-year transplant anniversary and her second chance at life. Make a Wish foundation granted her the wish of going to Disney in February 2016. Once I heard her story and where she was going, TMB just had to do something special to send her off to the happiest place on Earth! Her custom ears had Frozen, ballet, her picture, her transplant date, a thank you to Make a Wish, and a quote honoring her donor hero. Follow @deannasjourney on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about her story. I was so very honored to have been able to contribute to her Disney wish. Not only is Deanna outgoing and full of life but she's a constant reminder of the good outcome when one gives the gift of life. If you haven't already, register to be an organ donor. Be someone's miracle! 


Deanna's Journey Foundation

Deanna's Journey Foundation (DJF) was founded by Heidi Anderson, recipient mom of little Deanna Anderson. Deanna's Journey Foundation is built on brining joy and awareness to children currently on the transplant list who are ill and awaiting an organ(s). Joey, is a 3-year old multi organ recipient who was just diagnosed with PTLD, a developed cancer post transplant. DJFs founder, Heidi, contacted TMB to put a little something together to brighten up his days, TMB created a Mickey care package to bring the magic of Disney to him while he's admitted and undergoes treatment at the hospital. Follow "Joeys Story" on Facebook, share his story and help raise awareness!


Autism Speaks:

Autism is a mental condition characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concept usually presenting itself in early childhood. The CDC recently identified that 1 in every 69 children as having Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Autism Speaks is dedicated to advancing research into causes and better treatments for autism spectrum disorders and related conditions both through direct funding and collaboration; increasing understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorders; and working toward solutions for the needs of individuals with autism and their families across the spectrum and lifespan through advocacy and support (

TMB has had the opportunity to work very closely with a family whose four-year old son has Autism. This mom initially approached our shop to create a pair of custom ears that represented her son as much more than just having Autism. We were able to bring her vision to life by incorporating not only Autism but all of his favorites. The Drew family also walked the Autism Walk on April 2, 2017, where TMB was also able to partake in the walk for "Ayden's Troopers". We made a custom pair for his super mom to stand out amongst the crows and a pair for each trooper following Ayden during the walk. This was a success. TMB will also be participating at "Battle of the Badges", an autism fundraiser facilitated by the Drew family to raise awareness and donations for Autism Speaks.